Exhibition Final Piece II

Glance into the making of this piece..

2nd final work for exhibition- ”Despicable”. This piece was very time consuming and took a lot of planning and very precisely timed execution of some stages. It was therefore most exiting. In a way it kind of symbolizes and shows within it how I this year broke down a lot from what I knew and rebuilt myself. Rediscovering and taking steps back to find the real way foreword.

These picture are just some of the process of creation. It was tricky and messy at the times. Many things had to be redone, adjusted and it required a lot of adaptation to get to the finish line.


Exhibition Final Piece I

Glance in the process of making..

Closer to an end of the 2nd semester I could finally put to a use my experimentations, ideas and follow up on inspiration. I made 2 finished pieces for final exhibition that within themselves hide countless hours of planning and experimentation and contextualization throughout the whole year. This piece ”Windows” has around 8 layers of epoxy, painted and prepared in between the layers. Added glass and plastic for flowers.


Cyanotype Prints

Cyanotype printing is done by using a photographic negative or film positive placed onto a UV (ultraviolet) light-sensitive sheet of paper.

Recently created prints. War in Ukraine related and used in exhibition for fund raising.

Cyanotype printing is a wonderful technique that I am still fairly new with. I Like the finished look and numerous possibilities to enhance its look with various media I can add and finish. I certainly see myself working with it more in the future.

Also working at the moment in collaboration to create a Cyanotype print book of Highlands area tree species. It will be very unique piece once its done. Will post it in this blog once its ready.


Slackbuie Project

Work on Mosaic piece.

In order to create a mosaic. First comes design and preparation of its location. Once materials are gathered, tiles need to be broken down and there are many ways to do that. From been sawn, cut, broken with hammer to letting gravity do its work. As long as You keep it safe, nothing else mater too much as all imperfections can be filed away. You just need to think about how much time you have.

For Slackbuie project we have 2x2m stencil where we will assemble most broken tiles on first for the image fine details as that would be more difficult to be done on site. Than they will be moved to site and glued accordingly like a large puzzle. Finishing with the grout and make surface weather proof and anti slip it will look great.

Short tile breaking test video