Fine apple

Experimenting with less saturated backgrounds, different textures and brushstrokes and how different marks come together into an image.


What’s the story here?

Is medium or story more important? I think not all of us look for the same things.. and things we look for change over time.. no one and everyone is right in their own minds. And with my work I am just trying to catch attention.. start a conversation..

Unfinished image invites viewer to join in creation. Our minds already are used to interpreting world to us through all our senses. By not connecting all the lines, colouring every inch we make it much more interesting for our curious minds.

If the image is completely clear- no mystery, intrigue, no story to read into- all that is left is medium and skill. As amazing it may be, it is still empty. By overworking and polishing piece we steal from ourselves and viewer. Explaining everything is not needed, not wanted.


Experimenting with ideas

It is not suppose to be perfect. Realism isn’t perfect, that’s why we edit photos we take- striving for perfect.

When piece is just started- it has so much potential. Sometimes I feel that when its finished- I like it less. It had so much more magic at the start. It could be anything and when it is completely refined it can’t be anything else anymore. In a way- white sheet or blank canvas has more potential.

Its not unusual, that once something is finished, we look for imperfections and at the end they make work better. We want and seek special stories, uniqueness. Perfect is also boring.

This work is idea of trying not to overwork my pieces..



Learning new skills

My heavily Photoshoped tattoo machine


& some not Photoshoped results